Christophe Meade


It's Saturday, be awesome !
I focus on all aspects of communication & digital production, for interactive and innovative projects, from imagination to real life.
Inspire. Create. Play. Repeat
I help companies thrive in a connected world. I create, define and craft outstanding digital experiences. I aspire to change the world one pixel at the time.
A certain je ne sais quoi
I offer the unusual skill-set of having a logical mind, yet with a vivid creative spirit and a solid technical background. Paying attention to detail is my motto.

Fuelled by art, design, technology & innovation

Imagination has no limit. Inspiration is everywhere. Driven by creativity with an infused passion for technology and innovation, I aim for excellence in everything I do and work tirelessly to achieve it. I believe a good product must be simple and straightforward, that is what makes it so complicated to design.

Making brands pop, jazz, groove & rock'n roll

Your digital presence is your brand. I am willing to break the rules to offer powerful and truly unique solutions that make an impact and connect brands with people in a digitally driven world.
  • From start to finish
  • From conception to marketing
  • From a bright idea to success

Made in France, grown under the sun of the French Riviera

Don't believe what people say. Sure, I like my food and I always enjoy a glass of red wine. But frenchy doesn't always rhyme with grumpy. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face, well most days at least !