Christophe Meade

Specialized in digital transformation, for innovative brands and interactive projects, from imagination to real life

Making (big) waves

Innovation by design

Your digital presence is your brand. I help companies thrive in a digitally driven world. I conceive, define and craft outstanding online experiences.

What to expect

Expect the unexpected

I believe in sophistication of simplicity. I am willing to break the rules to produce truly unique solutions, turning complex ideas into simple masterpieces.

Let's innovate

Creativity meets technology

Driven by creativity with an infused passion for technology and innovation, I aim for excellence in everything I do and work tirelessly to achieve it.

Make it pop
Island from the sky
An unexpected hole
Island in the middle green ocean

Making brands pop, jazz, groove & rock'n roll

Thinking outside the box is my motto. I believe a good product is simple, straightforward, fast, secure and developed with a particular attention to details. I am the founder of Funky Fizz, Oceanway and Design Licks.

Fuelled by art, design, innovation & technology

Imagination has no limit. Inspiration is everywhere. I combine a meticulous mind, yet with a vivid creative spirit and a solid technical background in order to help brands speak human in a digital world.
Fabrication française
Made in France, grown under the sun of the French Riviera
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